Thursday, March 21, 2013

Discontinuing Blog

Fans of W&L Women's Lacrosse,

This blog will no longer be used by our program as an avenue for Team information, events and updates. For all future Women's Lacrosse happenings, please visit our Facebook Page.

Sorry for any inconvenience and we look forward to you liking us on Facebook!

W&L Women's Lacrosse

Friday, March 8, 2013

Rolling into Next Week!

After a great 21-1 team win against Hollins Tuesday the Generals were ready to hit the field Wednesday and start preparing for the big match-up against Salisbury this weekend. Unfortunately a large snow storm hit Lexington (see picture) and made it impossible to get out on the turf. The generals were however, able to take advantage of the snow and have a little fun on their day off. See below for how some of our teammates spent their day in the snow- and their favorite snowy day activities from the younger years.
Olive: I played with my friends doggie in da snow!!!

Becca: When I was little I always wanted to build perfect igloos like the ones you see on TV and in pics and on club penguin but I don't think they exist in real life.

Lizzy: Walking between classes I got in a snowball fight with one of my friends (and I obviously won). Mostly I just enjoyed looking at how pretty the snow made our campus appear.
Leanne: When I was little I used to love making snow forts with my brothers.

Coach Mary & Nala: Playing dress up and running in the snow!

Luckily by Thursday the turf was cleared and the generals were able to have a great practice in preparation for this weekend! Make sure to come support the General or tune in online as they take on (WOMP on) the Seagulls this Saturday.

-McCartin & Emily

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day From the Gennies!

What do our Generals love besides lacrosse?

Coach Brooke: Davis & Diet Coke
Sammy: Purple
Annie: Starbucks
Emily: Lululemon
Olive: Dinosaurs
CK: Needle Point & Lilly Pulitzer
Becca: the 4th of July
Hagen: Gwen
Carolyn: Boys
Darby & Nala (Honorary Gennies)